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APRIL 2009   VOLUME 2   ISSUE 4  
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Welcome from Weinstein Supply

Feature Article: Attract, Keep & Motivate Employees with Training & Incentive Programs

Survey Results: Weinstein Employee Training and Incentives Survey

Spotlight: Bradford White High Performance Series Water Heaters (GX series)

Recent and Upcoming Price Increases

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Paul Weinstein
Welcome from Weinstein Supply

In this tough economy, we're all looking for ways to boost employee motivation and performance, and also add to our company's bottom line. We show how training and incentive programs can help do just that in this month's feature. Plus, we provide lots of links to useful resources.

Also, check out the High Performance Series Water Heaters from Bradford White in our April Product Spotlight. For every residential or commercial GX unit purchased from April 1 through July 1, 2009, you'll get a "Bradford White and Weinstein Supply, Division of Hajoca," spring jacket. Click here to learn more about this special promotion.

Paul Weinstein

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Attract, Keep & Motivate Employees with Training & Incentive

This is a must read! What do employee training and incentive programs have in common? They are both highly effective ways for companies to attract, retain and motivate workers. Additionally, they can boost productivity and profitability for your company. In this month's feature, we discuss how employee training and incentive programs can benefit your business, plus provide plenty of juicy links to learn more.

Read Attract, Keep & Motivate Employees with Training & Incentive Programs.

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Weinstein Employee Training and Incentives Survey

Thank you to everyone who filled out last month's survey on employee training and incentive programs. Click here to see the survey results.

If you enjoy reading the survey results this month, tell everyone your opinion next month! Take our newest survey now! It'll take only 30 seconds.

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Bradford White® High Performance Series Water Heaters:
Energy Efficiency with More Affordable Installation

COUPON: Free Bradford White JacketThanks to the Bradford White High Performance Series Water Heaters, you can now offer your residential customers a less expensive alternative to tankless water heater installation. Plus, with the High Performance Series your customers can get the energy efficiency of tankless water heaters with the added convenience of stored hot water.

Here are some of the exceptional product features of the Bradford White High Performance Series water heaters:

High-Powered Performance
Because they are so high-powered, these water heaters are technically classified as commercial:
  • GX1-55S has 80,000 BTU/hour input
  • GX2-25S has 78,000 BTU/hour input

Top Thermal Efficiency

The unique design of the helical fin flue helps achieve 82% thermal efficiency ratings by:
  • Maximizing heat exchange capabilities
  • Minimizing heat loss during standby

High-Volume Delivery

The High Performance Series has superior recovery and storage capabilities, and when tested to industry standard residential 1st hour delivery procedure:
  • The GX1-55S delivers 200 gallons
  • The GX2-25S delivers 155 gallons

Optimizer Temperature Control System

This easily installed and thermostatically controlled integrated mixing device ensures:
  • Comfortable outlet temperature
  • Steady flow of hot water

Advantageous Installation

Compared to tankless water heater installation, the following are advantages offered by the High Performance Series:
  • Vent using standard 4-inch single wall venting pipe
  • Requires only ½-inch gas connection
  • Perfect for applications with limited space; for example, consider using 1 GX1-55S instead of 2 40-gallon gas atmospherics

Click here
for additional information about the many outstanding features and benefits of the Bradford White High Performance Series Water Heaters. For our complete line of products for water heating, combination heating and storage applications, please visit the Bradford White Corporation Web site at

And visit the PECO Residential Rebate Program Web site for information to share with your customers on incentives now available for new residential water heaters.

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Please note the following changes to pricing on products carried by Weinstein Supply and their effective dates.

Pricing Changes
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