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JUNE 2009   VOLUME 2  ISSUE 6  
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Welcome from Weinstein Supply

GPS Tracking: An Executive Summary - Who, What and Why

Spotlight: New DIAMOND™ Seal Technology from DELTA® For Faucets Built to Last

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Paul Weinstein Welcome from Weinstein Supply

Dear ,

With a GPS tracking system, your company can help boost fuel savings, improve employee productivity, and increase customer service, thanks to quicker response times. And, as the technology gets better and equipment costs come down, more and more HVAC and plumbing contractors are realizing GPS tracking systems are definitely a worthwhile investment. Learn more about this technology in this month's feature.

Paul Weinstein

P.S. Be sure to check out kitchen and bath faucets with the latest DIAMOND Seal Technology from DELTA in our June Product Spotlight. Your customers will appreciate both the durability and stylish designs this DELTA line delivers.

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GPS Tracking: An Executive Summary - Who, What and Why
By Ken Sink

GPS vehicle tracking systems are a popular tool for business owners; Original equipment manufacturers from General Motors to Bobcat are including tracking systems in their vehicles. Here's some background information to help you

Read Tracking: An Executive Summary - Who, What and Why

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New DIAMOND™ Seal Technology from DELTA®
For Faucets Built to Last

Now you can offer your customers faucets that not only are beautifully designed, but are also built to last up to 5 million uses. DELTA's exclusive DIAMOND Seal Technology incorporates a revolutionary valve with a tough diamond coating to provide unsurpassed durability.

Here are some of the outstanding features provided by DELTA's DIAMOND Seal Technology:
  • Leak Free - Thanks to the DIAMOND valve, no dynamic seals, and DELTA's exclusive 1-piece supply lines, the chance of leaks is all but eliminated.
  • Long Lasting - DELTA's DIAMOND valve is built to last 10 times longer than the industry standard of 500,000 cycles.
  • Lead Free - Once water enters the faucet, it's not in contact with any potential metal contaminants. This system keeps the water as pure and clean as when it first entered.
  • Hassle Free Installation - Other than a wrench and screwdriver, all the parts needed for installation are in the box. No risers are required.
Click here to learn more about DIAMOND Seal Technology from DELTA. Plus, click on the following links to see our line of kitchen and bath products that use DIAMOND Seal Technology: And for our complete line of faucets and related accessories, please visit the DELTA Web site at
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